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Crawford PaddleShift System

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With the new Crawford PaddleShift System, shifting from gear to gear is effortless and takes less than a split second. Click here to hear how our revolutionary product can give your race car a winning advantage.

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"Crawford took our concept from a paper napkin to a beautiful product with customized design and functionality. We were delighted by the price and on-time delivery. Frankly, we were blown away and so were our customers."

- Jeff Sturges, President of Resolute Racing Shells


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Crawford F4 Forging Ahead

Successfully passes crash tests and 2016 FIA certification process

Crawford Composites, LLC is forging ahead and gaining momentum as it gears up to the inaugural season of the FIA-certified F4 United States Championship. With all of the FIA required crash tests and structural tests complete and passed successfully, manufacturing for the new series is well under way. The Homologation process is very thorough for the safety of the drivers and crew but also to ensure the integrity of the F4 Championship.

The tests were performed at IMMI’s Cape testing facility in Indianapolis. The FIA mandated tests included; crash tests for the nosebox, gearbox attenuator, and steering column, load tests on the main and secondary roll structures, push off tests for the nosebox and gearbox attenuator, squeeze tests for the chassis in multiple locations and panel intrusion tests. All the tests were performed and successfully passed with an FIA technical representative present to confirm the results.

Working closely with the FIA has been invaluable to ensure that our design aligns with all of the rules and design intent for the global series while maintaining the Crawford identity and adapting to the US market. “The tracks in this part of the world present unique challenges that we have had to take into consideration,” states Catherine Crawford, Race Engineer. “We wanted to be sure to give people a package that was suited to the challenges that our tracks present and also work with some local companies where we could so our response times would be better for our customers.”

Preparations continue with scheduled deliveries of all components arriving in the door every day. “It is a very exciting time for our entire organization,” said Max Crawford, the Director of the Race Division. “The entire company from the design office to the manufacturing floor has worked tirelessly to make this concept a reality.”