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Crawford PaddleShift System

Crawford’s Latest Industry Innovation

With the new Crawford PaddleShift System, shifting from gear to gear is effortless and takes less than a split second. Click here to hear how our revolutionary product can give your race car a winning advantage.

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"Crawford took our concept from a paper napkin to a beautiful product with customized design and functionality. We were delighted by the price and on-time delivery. Frankly, we were blown away and so were our customers."

- Jeff Sturges, President of Resolute Racing Shells


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Formula Lites

The passion and determination to capture the checkered flag and a championship is a multifaceted and intertwined mission. Drivers, mechanics, engineers, and team owners strive to push the limits in order to achieve success. However, the dream of a championship victory should not begin and end with an over inflated budget. The Formula Lites series was created to provide an economical, technologically advanced race vehicle with an emphasis on safety, to give drivers the opportunity to develop their skills to progress into higher levels of open-wheel racing.

Soft Wheel

Our goal has always been freedom. We have created revolutionary internal suspension Wheel Chair Wheel technology that takes the ordinary and transforms it into the extraordinary. The SoftWheel is meticulously engineered to provide an unparalleled user experience. Such freedom could only be achieved by reinventing the wheel. Reinventing the wheel was made possible through our novel Selective Suspension Technology that is the fruit of our most dear resource - the people behind the wheel, who today are helping wheelchair users enjoy a more comfortable, bump-free ride without performance compromises.